What To Wear To a Zac Brown Band Concert in 2024? ( 10+ Real Life Outfits For Girls & Guys )

What to wear to a zac brown band concert
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Zac Brown Band is a renowned name in country music. You can’t have a concert season without attending at least one of this band’s concerts. If you’re a music and fashion lover, you might want to be dressed to impress for your next show. Country concerts are one of the best places to let loose and have fun, especially with your outfit.

So, if you are wondering what to wear to a Zac Brown Band concert, you are at the right place. In this article, we have gathered some of the best country outfits to make you look fabulous at your next Zac Brown Band Concert.

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Here are some outfits we have listed for you to try at your next Zac Brown Band concert. We have selected these suggestions keeping in mind the band’s style, image, and current fashion trends.

Stick around till the end to find out your outfit of the day!

What to Wear to a Zac Brown Band Concert in Summer?

Summer is the best time to attend any event, especially concerts: open-air arenas, drinks, and sunny summer days filled with fun and tunes. The only problem left to tackle is the selection of an appropriate outfit. 

Luckily we have some suggestions just for you. So, read on and explore!

Outfit Suggestions for Girls

Country concerts, notably a Zac Brown Band concert, is a summer must-have. Who doesn’t like some time with music away from the worries of life? 

So, if you have decided to go to a Zac Brown Band concert and are wondering what to wear, here are some summer picks that will help you select something for yourself.

White and Blue

You are planning to go to a country concert with an idea in your mind. The idea is that your outfit should look good on its own and blend well with the whole country aesthetic. One color combination that never fails to please us is white and blue.

This may sound tedious and official, but if appropriately styled, it leaves all other outfits behind. 

So, for a fail-proof country outfit, wear a white tie-front crop top with light blue denim jeans and a white belt. A classic that will always amaze you.

Girl wearing a tie front white top with blue jeans shorts and cowgirl boots at a zac brown band concert
Source: @madiurban

Simple Approach

Some people care about the concert more than their looks. They are a very strange species, but they do exist. If you also belong to this group of people and want to go as simple as you can. We have an idea for you that will save you energy and time.

Wear a simple black t-shirt with jeans and your most comfortable boots. Accessorize with a stoned necklace to add color to the look, and you are all set to go.

Girl wearing a black t shirt with blue jeans and a stoned necklace at a zac brown band concert
Source: @ms.allielifts

Flowy Dress

Zac Brown Band concert is all about dancing and letting yourself get lost in the music. Moreover, in the summer season, you should opt for breathable outfits that allow you to move freely. 

For this reason, we think linen dresses and mini-skirts are great outfit options for summer. Apart from the practicality, flared apparel is considered a country classic. So, a Zac Brown Band concert is an excellent place to start if you are thinking of an event where you could utilize your flowy skirts and maxis.

Girl wearing a flowy dress at a zac brown band concert
Source: @_amber_a3


Although you can spot a lot of bright colors in a Zac Brown Band concert, this doesn’t mean you have to go in the same direction. Bright is not everyone’s choice, and we have a suggestion for you if you prefer something on the subtle side.

You can go with a light and pastel outlook by wearing a peachy flared skirt with a white crop top. Pair this with nude-colored boots and a straw hat—a subtle yet gorgeous ensemble.

Source: @tori_taylorrrr


For those breezy spring days, you want to look as blooming as possible. Wearing bright and vibrant colors will not only make you look beautiful but will also bring a glow to your appearance. 

So, this summer, we suggest you give kimonos a try. You can pair them with simple apparel like a plain crop top and jeans, and you will look good. They are also very body friendly and suit all body types.

Off-shoulder Dress

Crop tops are fun and all, but they are very basic. If you have the time and energy, we suggest you put in a little effort and create a masterpiece.

Dresses and flowy fabrics are always welcomed at Zac Brown Band concerts, and to take this look further; you can wear an off-shoulder dress. You can go with either thigh-high boots or simple ones. Wear your favorite jewelry, and you are ready to rock and roll.

Source: @tmleathem

Checkerboard print

If you are thinking outside the box and want to ditch those plain clothes altogether, we have a suggestion for you.

A checkerboard print top with a jean skirt and boots is not only a unique approach but will also make you appear adventurous. Top this affair with a hat and wear some big hoop earrings to set the vibe.

Source: @outandaboutwithmelissakraut

Fun Trousers

Country outfits are incomplete without mentioning some fun prints. Prints are the best option to add a little twist to your clothes.

To make your outfits stand out from the crowd, pair floral printed high-waisted trousers with a white crop top and some loafers, and you will look as cute as a button.

Girl wearing floral printed high waisted trousers with white top at a zac brown band concert
Source: @mapaese

Romantically White

We can’t let the romance die, not in the summer. When the bright sunny days spread their wings, and the music takes us in. So, if you want to invoke your inner romantic, we have a suggestion for you.

A white lace frock with brown cowboy boots is ideal for summer country concerts like Zac Brown Band. Plus, this white dress will make you appear youthful, and you can dance easily. So, what’s stopping you?

Girl wearing a lace white frock at a zac brown band concert
Source; @_nikkiward_

Outfit Suggestions for Guys

Life is just a collection of memories, and what can be more memorable than a Zac Brown Band concert in the summer? For this fantastic event, we know you want to look your best.

 For that purpose, we have gathered some outfit suggestions for you to try and wear to your next concert.

Cool Vibes

When going to a country concert, only one thing is on our mind. Dance till our feet hurt and enjoy as much as we can. A Zac Brown Band concert can meet all these motives successfully. 

Wear a Hawaiian palm tree print shirt with jeans and cowboy boots for a cool summer country look.

Guy wearing a hawaiian palm tree print shirt at a zac brown band concert
Source: @92menno

Bold and Black

Zac Brown Band concerts are all about letting go of the boundaries and setting yourself free. You are free to choose whatever style you please. If chic is your choice, we suggest you go boldly with it.

To create an effortlessly elegant outfit, wear a black button-up shirt with black pants and a black belt. This all-black boldness is all that the concert needs, and you will rock this look whether it is day or night.


Summer is all fun and romantic until the sun decides to make life hard for all of us. On those extreme summer days, you need outfits that complement the weather, have a breezy fabric and are light.

For all our jacked-up readers and tattooed audience, we heartily suggest you wear a sleeveless t-shirt to fight the heat. Also, this is an excellent opportunity to show off your muscles and flex that gorgeous body art.

What to Wear to a Zac Brown Band Concert in Winter?

Winter hues and country tunes, as thrilling as this combination sounds, the joy becomes even more remarkable when Zac Brown plays the tunes. The band tours all year, and before you know it, they are playing in your nearby arena.

So, if you are going to attend a Zac Brown Band concert this winter, we have some layering suggestions that will suit both the country theme and the weather demands.

Look at the following layering suggestions and decide which one to pair with your outfit!

Bomber Jacket

You can opt for a bomber jacket to create a hip-hop/ country look. It is cool, fresh, and youthful and looks good both on men and women. 

So, if you want to layer something cool over your country outfit, a bomber jacket is a great option. You can opt for a mini bomber jacket or an oversized one to suit your style. 

Make sure to pick neutral and pastel colors so that it blends well with your overall look.

Girl wearing a bomber jacket at a winter zac brown band concert
Source: @officiald

Knitted Sweater

Nothing feels more homey and cozy than a Zac Brown Band concert. The Winter season can be harsh at times, and you must be prepared for all situations. 

Keeping this in mind, you should wear a knitted sweater on top of your look. We can’t let winter get the best of our style, and knitted sweaters have an easy and stylish appeal to them. They are super comfortable and go well with jeans and boots. 

So, take out your favorite sweater and gear up for the event.

Final Thoughts

We hope that with this guide, you’ll be able to style your own outfit based on your preferences.

To recap, it’s essential to go with durable fabrics and items that are easy to care for, especially if you’re heading to an outdoor Zac Brown Band Concert. 

Concert attire is the cherry on top of a good time, and choosing chic, comfy items will make that night even more memorable.

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