What To Wear To a Country Concert in 2024? ( 20+ Real Life Outfit Ideas + Complete Guide )

What to wear to a country concert
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Country concerts are perfect for hearing country, honky-tonk, or country-pop tunes. Depending on the artist, country music lovers can listen to a mixture of different genres inspired by country music or enjoy pure Western riffs.

After saying this, now all that is left is to find an outfit for the occasion. Now you would be wondering what to wear to a country concert. Usually, farm-inspired attire comes to mind when hearing the name of a country concert, but there are many more options to try. 

This article lists all the suggestions and tips to help you find the perfect outfit. 

So stick around till the end to find the best outfit for you!

From color combinations to classic picks and layering suggestions to accessories and even shoes, we have listed everything in this article to help you plan a wonderful country outfit for the next country concert.

What Can Women Wear to a Summer Country Concert?

Music, fun, and tunes are three words that best capture the essence of a country concert. Keeping all this in mind, the comfort of your outfit should be a top priority whether you are planning an outfit for a summer or a winter country concert

For summers, we all lean towards soothing looks, vivid colors, and breathable fabrics. We have considered all this while suggesting all the following outfits for you. 

So, read on and discover!

Color Combos to Try

Planning any outfit requires you to know different colors and tones. You look best in outfits that compliment your skin tone and make you glow. Similarly, some colors look better when paired with another color. 

We have selected some color combinations keeping in mind that they fit every taste. These colors flatter all, from youngsters wanting a fresh look to people in their golden years styling a mature outfit.

Look and try for yourself!

Pink and Black

Bold colors and shiny things are what separates a country look from everything else. Hot pink is the color of summer, and it becomes even hooter when paired with black. 

So, we suggest you should give this combo a try this summer and make your country outfit truly exotic. Wear a pink romper with a black belt, boots, and a black cap. Add sunglasses if you are feeling extra fancy.

Girl wearing a pink romper and a brown hat at a country concert
Source: @justkatieskitchen

White and Blue

If you are someone who likes subtle colors, then this combo will work best for you. White and blue work together like magic. There is no denying it; look at a sunny sky; what do you see? A blue sky with white clouds. Yes, divine. 

So, we suggest you carry the same ethereal beauty in your outfit and wear a white crop top with blue jean shorts. Pair with white boots and a white hat, and you are done.

Girl wearing a white top with blue jeans shorts and a brown hat at a country concert
Source: @hollymarievanselow

All Black

For all the goth people or people who need an excuse to wear black to every event, we have got you covered. An all-black look has everything you need; style, comfort, variety, and customization.

So, why worry about colors when black can save your day? There are absolutely no insecurities that a black color can’t hide. So, it’s a perfect color if you are looking for a plus-size country outfit.

Girl wearing an all black outfit for a country concert
Source: @morganforreals

All Brown

Monotones are great, and an all-brown monotone can look like a challenge, but it’s also endearing and dreamy. For a truly mesmerizing and earthy look, go with a brown romper with thigh-high brown boots and a brown hat.

Girl wearing a brown romper with thigh high brown boots
Source: @toquedeclassestore

Go with the Classics

Country music has made its name in the music industry as a genre filled with a homey feel, insightful lyrics, and patriotic spirit. It is a renowned classic that we all love.

 So, if you want an outfit that relates to country roots, we have some country outfit classics for you to see and try.


It is now a well-established notion that you cannot have a country concert without flannels. They are unisex in their approach and look good on everyone. 

You can wear a flannel button-up with shorts and cowboy boots. You can wear it around your waist for a cool look. There are absolutely no limits, so we say give this country classic a try this summer.

Girl wearing a graphic white shirt with shorts and a flannel around her waist at a country concert
Source: @maniacsinthemiddle


Another common yet stylish classic that the country concerts are full of is fringed jackets and clothes. This flowy apparel gives a loose and free touch to your outlook, the perfect approach for a country concert.

 You can go with a rhinestone fringe belt to keep it simple yet sophisticated. It can be paired with the simplest outfits like blue shorts and a plain white t-shirt so that the belt shines through. This idea can work with any outfit, whether it’s a summer or winter country outfit.

Girl wearing a white top with blue jeans shorts and a rhinetonse fringe belt
Source: @shoptrendyandtipsy

Chaps and Jean Jacket

If you are looking for an outfit that will make your country spirit shine, we have a suggestion just for you. 

Chaps and jeans are the ultimate country classic so pair them together to look like a real cowgirl.

Source: @kyliolthafer

A Printed Approach

Country concerts are all about prints and colors. Printed clothes are usually a crowd pleaser because they suit every age and every body type. 

We have gathered some prints and designs for all the colorful personalities out there that go with the country theme.

So have a look and decide what you like best!


Animal prints are the life of country outfits. You can never go wrong with them. For a cutesy and juvenile look, you can go for a dalmatian printed top with bedazzled shorts or any kind of shorts that has a touch of sparkle to make your whole look shine.

Gilr wearing a dalmatian printed top with shorts and hat at a country conert
Source: @champagnegetaway

Cheetah Prints

Looking for some more animal prints? A cheetah print look is inspiring and fun. You can see an ocean of people wearing all sorts of apparel with cheetah print, whether it is boots, tops or skirts, or bodysuits. The possibilities are endless. 

Take out whatever cheetah-printed apparel you own and wear it with pride to your next country concert.

Girl wearing a cheetah printed top with shorts at a country concert
Source: @ leatherbarrow_fitness


Florals are the perfect pick for spring and summer as well. They are vibrant and bright and lift your mood. We can use some of that positive energy in your outfits. 

That is why we say go all floral and bloomy with your country outfit and try floral prints.

Girl wearing a white floral dreass with a white hat at a country concert
Source: @kiramaesteiner

Two-Piece Dress

We all want to have grace in all our looks. No matter what event or time of the year, we can never compromise on the beauty of our outfits. If you want to look elegant or love nude-colored outfits, we have a suggestion for you.

Wear a beige-colored two-piece set for a simple yet confident look. Apart from being classy, a two-piece can also serve as a very mature country outfit.

Source: @ferfreitasx

Bandana Top

The best summer outfit is the one that allows you to move and have fun. The heat wave can sometimes be intense, and we simply can’t let you sweat your glands. So, to accommodate for those hot summer days, we have a suggestion for you.

A bandana top is a good choice to simultaneously beat the heat and look stunning. Pair it with shorts and a hat, don’t forget your sunblock, and you are ready to dance and have fun all day.

Source: @sage.spear

What Can Men Wear to a Summer Country Concert?

We all think of cowboy hats and stetsons and boots. They are essentials in a country concert, but this doesn’t mean that you have to restrict your style to these items only. Gentlemen, you deserve some fashion tips to look all glam and chic, even at a country concert. 

Here are some outfit suggestions we have for the men to try.

Proudly You

You don’t need over-the-top accessories or apparel to create a country look. It can be created by using some simple elements. For a proud country cowboy look, you just need a cap sleeve t-shirt, some nice jeans, and a hat.

This is perfect for all those dudes who have gained some muscle and want to show it off.

Source: @bianchi49er

Flannel All the Way

So the first thing that comes to mind is the simple flannel check shirt, a great item for men. They blend in with the rural theme and are breathable, loose, fashionable, and comfortable.

It would be an appropriate choice to style your flannels this summer. Pair these with your favorite jeans and boots. For a youthful look, you can wear a t-shirt underneath to bring a kind of balance to the outfit.

Flannels are such a country classic for their diversity, and they suit all body types. From slim to plus-size country outfits, they suit all equally well.

Source: @brady.oliveira

Khaki Shirt

We all want a look that is put together and eye-catching simultaneously. Country outfits are all about rustic appearance and rodeo style. We advise you to wear khaki shirts if you want to go a little old school.

They are bold and are perfect for creating a countryman look. Pair your khaki shirt with blue jeans and brown cowboy boots; you are ready to look like Patrick Swayze.

Black and White

Some classics never get old. Like Dolly Parton, they are delightful whenever you turn to them. One of these classics is a white and black combo. 

If you want to go all sophisticated and classy with your look, we suggest you wear an all-black attire. A black button-up with black chinos and a black belt. Top this look with a white hat, and you are ready to rock and roll.

A Little Touch of classy

A country outfit requires you to bring creativity to your looks and your style. A play on patterns is good if you want to have a unique outfit. 

We advise you to wear a patterned shirt under a soft waistcoat with blue jeans and soft lace boots for an elegant and comfortable country look.

What to Wear to a Country Concert in Fall?

Summer or fall country season is always in full bloom. Although winter concerts may seem challenging to style for but with the right layers, you can make any outfit look hot. 

Here are the best layering suggestions we have listed for you that go with the country theme and are stylish as well.

Fur Coats

Country concerts have a humble feel, but that does not mean you can’t be chic. We think fur coats are the best option for a humbly classy look. 

They can be a luxurious addition to your ensemble and pair well with all designs, mini dresses, crop tops, flared dresses, or anything of your choice.

Girl wearing a fur coat on top of her outfit at a country concert
Source: @paulakarax

Fringe Jackets

We all love a look that fits in, both in the weather and in the event. Fringe and frill designs are the heart of a country concert. Whether you are planning an outfit in your 20s or a country concert outfit for over 40, they look good for all ages regardless of gender. 

 For this purpose, we advise you to choose a fringe jacket this fall if you attend a country concert.

Girl wearing a fringe jacket and a hat
Source: @skhammer

Accessories for a Country Concert

Every outfit needs accessories to shine. A small accessory can significantly change your outfit, so you must choose it wisely. We have listed some accessories that go well with country outfits to ease your worries.


Belts are a great option for a fitted appearance and to give some structure to your outfits. They have become a staple in country outfits and rodeo themes. The bigger the buckle, the better. So, don’t miss out on this accessory while styling your outfit.

Fringed Apparel

Fringe has been having a moment for quite some time now, with celebrities like Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid incorporating the tassel detail into their wardrobes. The fringe was also hot on the runways this year and is a perfect option for making a statement at country concerts.

You can wear fringe on your boots, denim jacket or top, handbag, or a statement belt over your shorts. The endless possibilities give texture and personality to even the simplest look.

Cowboy Hats

Hats are a crucial element of country outfits. You can’t create a country look without topping your attire with a cowboy hat. So, it is essential to always keep this in mind. A hat is a fantastic way to show off your sense of fashion and shield your face from the sun.

Stoned Jewelry

Jewelry is a must in every look, but country outfits stand out from the rest with their indie-styled stoned jewels. You can wear necklaces, bracelets, and rings with heavy stones, making a simple outfit look fantastic.

What Kind of Shoes to Wear to a Country Concert?

When it comes to choosing shoes to wear to a country concert, comfort and practicality are key. Here are a few options to consider:

Cowboy Boots: Cowboy boots are a classic choice for a country concert. You can’t even think about what to wear to a country concert without considering cowboy boots.

They offer a traditional Western look and provide good support and comfort for long hours of standing and dancing. Opt for a comfortable pair that you can wear for an extended period.

Western-style Boots: If you prefer a more versatile option that still has a country flair, you can choose Western-style boots. These boots offer a similar aesthetic to cowboy boots but with a slightly different design. Look for a pair with a low heel and comfortable fit.

Sneakers or Trainers: If you anticipate a lot of standing, walking, or dancing during the concert, opt for a pair of comfortable sneakers or trainers. Choose a style that suits your taste while providing ample cushioning and support.

Booties: If you prefer a more fashionable option, you can consider wearing ankle booties. Look for a pair with a low or stacked heel for added comfort. They can complement various outfits and provide more ankle support than regular sandals or flats.

Sandals or Flip-Flops: Consider wearing sandals or flip-flops if the concert is held during warmer months or in a hot climate. Choose a sturdy pair that will keep your feet comfortable and protected. Avoid styles with thin soles or straps that might cause discomfort after prolonged wear.


Final thoughts

We sincerely hope these suggestions have aided you in your hunt for the perfect country outfit. 

While it’s easy to follow fashion advice to the tee, concerts are a great opportunity to explore your fashion identity. So, take what we’ve recommended and add your country twist to it. 

Dance the night away and have fun listening to your favorite artist.

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