Plus Size Country Concert Outfits: What to Wear? ( Real Life Outfit Ideas – January 2024 )

Plus size country concert outfits
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A country concert can be the most exciting event you could attend the whole year. Going to a country concert is excellent, and the thing that adds to this experience is how you dress up to fit in. 

From choosing an outfit to going to the concert and coming back every step adds up to the experience. So, if you are worried about designing a country concert outfit, or not sure how to dress up with your curves, we are here to help.

Clothes and fashion are meant to fit you, not vice versa. Taking this into account, this article is here to solve your outfit problems.

Stick around till the end and find out your ideal outfit!

With some bit of thought and effort, everyone can look beautiful in their body. We have found fantastic clothing hacks, apparel ideas, and outfits that will make your life easier. 

So, start reading and fall in love with yourself again.

Plus Size Country Concert Outfits to Try in Summer

There are millions of country music fans in the states right now, and the number keeps increasing. As country music has expanded so much in recent years, we realize that planning a nice outfit for a country concert has become a common struggle.

To make your concerts memorable and your body look amazing, we have some ideas to help you style your curvy body in the best way.

Continue to read and find out!

Outfit Suggestions for Girls

A country concert is the biggest mood booster of all time. From the moment you arrive till you leave, it is a memorable experience. You would want to look as beautiful as the concert at this special event. 

For all my curvy ladies, we have some suggestions to make you a little more proud of your figure. 

Read below and select your pick!

Summer Romper

Country concerts and summers are the best combinations. When mixed with country vibes, the colors and beauty of summers are the best of both worlds. If you are a die-hard rodeo fan and want to go light with your outfit but still rock it, we have an outfit for you.

Wear a lilac summer romper with white cowboy boots and a hat. Lilac is the perfect color for summer; it is floral and pretty, and the romper gives your curves all the attention they need.

Girl wearing a lilac summer romper with white cowgirl boots and a brown hat
Source: @femmepetal1

All Black

An all-black ensemble is timeless if you want to look great with little effort. Even though black is very forgiving, a monochromatic look makes you appear put together. Similar colors used collectively will visually lengthen your figures and legs.

But here’s the thing: experiment with textures if you want to pull off the all-black look without looking drab. We advise you to wear a black fringe jacket with a black crop top and shorts to give the black cowgirl look.

You can also wear a black fitted skirt, which is a timeless classic. A fitted skirt with a black crop top is ideal for all ages, even if you are styling a country concert outfit in your 40’s.

Source: @keepingupwithkahla


Every style demands a different kind of approach. If you are someone who wants to have a casual look while keeping the country theme, we have cracked the code to your heart. 

Jumpsuits are ideal for casual wear, and they have so many benefits as well:

  • They are highly chic.
  • They provide your body with all the proper dimensions and curves.
  • They are breathable and summer friendly.

For a cowgirl jumpsuit look, go for denim-like fabric; better if it has frills or studs. Pop on your hat and boots, and you are ready to go.

Source: @skhammer

Cotton Mini Dress

After Taylor Swift’s Back To December, there has been a lot of romance associated with country music. And we are here for it, always for the romance. 

So, if you want to pay tribute to the artist and are unsure how to do it, we are here to help. Stop being skeptical and wear that white mini dress in your outfit with pride. It is a gorgeous pick, and no one is there to stop you.

Girl wearing a white cotton mini dress and pink hat
Source: @lauren.k.wilson

Wide Leg Pants

Your outfit should always compliment your figure and not the other way around. Following a concert theme and dressing according to the weather is all good but in all these things you should select something perfect for you. 

So, we advise you to wear high-waisted wide-leg pants with your favorite crop top and your most country-style hat.

Source: @pinklily

Sheer Tops

Unbelievable as it may seem, the sheer top is very adaptable. The options range from stylish workwear to off-duty attire.

 If you’re the girl who owns a variety of sports bras and wonders how to wear them other than gym attire, then finish the look with a black sheer crop top and a cowboy hat to complete the look. 

Mix and match as you please. The world is your fashion show.

Outfit Suggestions for Guys

Any man can look handsome no matter what kind of physique he has. And like all things in the world, style and fashion require a little effort. So whether it is a summer or a winter country concert outfit, we have some suggestions that will make you look like the king you are, the king of country concerts, to be more specific. 

Have a look and enjoy!

A Touch of Light Denim

A denim jacket or any denim should be a must-have in every guy’s closet. It is a must-have for country concerts and suits almost all body types. For summer, we suggest you wear lighter denim to keep it breezy and cool.


If you haven’t worn Kimonos, we strongly advise you to try this apparel. They are perfect for plus-size men. They are light, airy, and flowy. 

So, wear your kimono with a white t-shirt and shorts. Pair this with boots and a hat to add some color and fun.

Plus Size Country Concert Outfits to Try in Winter

Country concerts and winter are a sick combo, and if you don’t dress up right, you will probably end up being sick. So, considering your beautiful curves and health, we have collected some layering suggestions for your winter outfits.


For those less chilly days, a cardigan is your best friend. You can wear it over any outfit, and it fits your body like a glove. Also, it is light outerwear ideal for country concerts.

Leather Vests

To add some edge to your outfit, you can add some leather to your look. A leather vest is a great option to spice up your outfit. So, go on and wear your favorite leather vest and steal the show.

Girl wearing a leather vest on top of her outfit
Source: @yourpaljordyn

Final Thoughts

We genuinely hope that these ideas have helped you dress up for the upcoming country concert. Embrace the beautiful body God has given you and throw all your worries in the trash. Have fun, stay hydrated and enjoy the show.

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