Are Flare Jeans Good For Short Legs? Pros & Cons + Tips

Are Flare Jeans Good For Short Legs
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Have you been eyeing up some flared jeans, and are you feeling uncertain about pulling off this style with shorter legs? Fear not! In this blog’ Are Flare Jeans Good For Short Legs?’, we’ll uncover the secrets and strategies to empower you to wear flared jeans to flatter your stunning shape!

Let’s discuss the pros of flare jeans for short legs, showing how these iconic jeans can elevate your style and confidence.

A. Creating the Illusion of Longer Legs

Flare jeans visually elongate the legs, making them a valuable asset for individuals with shorter limbs. The gradual widening of the hemline from the knee down draws attention downward, creating the illusion of added height. This mind trick is ideal for anyone looking to achieve the appearance of longer legs.

B. Balancing Proportions

Flared jeans can quickly balance out the body’s dimensions. Shorter legs can sometimes appear out of harmony with a longer upper half, but the flare can fix this! The wide hemline adds volume to the limbs, creating and providing an air of elegance.

C. Versatility in Styling

The timeless design of these jeans allows you to have fun experimenting with different outfit combinations until you find the looks that flatter your figure.

Let’s start with the shoes. For a suave look, pair your flared jeans with some heeled, pointed boots. For a casual affair, you can opt for some crisp white trainers. On a sunny day, you can wear some tan sandals, with painted toes that match the color of your jeans, to tie the whole look together.

For tops, you should steer towards styles such as halter necks, crop tops, or vests. These tight-fitting tops will perfectly offset the wideness of these jeans. Wearing a top that is too baggy will make for an outfit that has too much volume, which can look unflattering on a smaller build.

II. Cons of Flare Jeans for Short Legs

Now let’s move on to some of the potential drawbacks of flared jeans.

A. Potential for Overwhelming Petite Frames

The broad and dramatic flare has the potential to overwhelm a petite frame, so you must find harmony between the flare’s wideness and your small shape.

When selecting the style and cut of your flared jeans, it’s important to make a choice that enhances your lovely figure, rather than overshadowing it.

B. Difficulty in Finding the Right Fit

Those with a shorter stature can often find it difficult to find flared jeans that perfectly fit. When you have to consider the length, rise, and flare of the jeans, it quickly becomes an overwhelming task, especially since general sizing doesn’t always consider the petite shoppers.

One way to solve this problem is to pay for jean alterations, but this is inconvenient and adds to the price of your purchase.

C. Alternative Styles for Short Legs

While flared jeans are a hot trend, they aren’t the only flattering and trendy jeans available to those with shorter legs. Other options, like high-waisted skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans, or chinos, can make the legs appear longer, resulting in a more proportionate appearance.

It can be helpful to explore different styles to decide what complements your shape and style best, remembering that there are great alternatives to flared jeans.

III. Tips for Wearing Flare Jeans with Short Legs

Here are some top tips for using flared jeans to bring out the best in your shape and style.

A. Choosing the Right Rise

The rise is an important factor when choosing the right flared jeans for shorter legs. We recommend high-waisted or mid-rise flared jeans because they elevate the waistline, giving the illusion of lengthier legs. High-waisted styles are the best way to optically stretch out your lower body, giving your body a more flattering proportion.

B. Proper Hemming and Tailoring

Hemming and tailoring are great hacks to ensure your flared jeans fit your figure best. The hem should lightly touch the top of your footwear. Tailoring the jeans to this length stops your flare from dragging on the ground, which gives a balanced look and stops your jeans from getting dirty.

Taking your flared jeans to a professional tailor will allow you to find the optimum length to suit your unique body shape.

C. Accessorizing to Elongate the Appearance

Did you know that you can use accessories to enhance your jeans and elongate your figure? Heels or heeled boots are a great idea, as they add height to your body and length to your limbs. For a more comfortable look, try platform trainers; they will have the same effect.

Furthermore, adding vertical elements to your outfit will lengthen your frame and draw the gaze upwards. Long pendant necklaces, body chains, or vertically striped tops are fantastic ways to add a vertical vibe to your look. Long dangly earrings are another easy way to give the illusion of a lengthier figure.

By finding accessories to complement your flared jeans, you can discover your distinctive style and adapt these trousers to your splendid shape!

Final Thoughts

Flare jeans offer a way for your individual style to flourish. Whether you embrace flare jeans or opt for other styles, keep in mind that fashion is not about rules, but empowerment and creativity. Regardless of your beautiful shape, you are free to create your own style without restrictions.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article today. For more outfit inspo and fashion advice, please check out the rest of our catalog!

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