What to Wear to a Pool Party in 2024 – Outfit Ideas & Tips for Men and Women

What to wear to a pool party
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Are you looking for outfit ideas for what to wear to a pool party? Then you’ve come to the right place!


Finding the right outfit for a pool party can be a daunting task, as you try to find the balance between being comfortable and fashionable.


In today’s article, we’ll be sharing some fresh fashion ideas to suit men and women, with outfit options for both swimming and non-swimming guests.  We’re here to make your life easier and give you the confidence to strut in style this summer!

Classic One-Piece Swimsuit with a Sheer Cover-Up

Our first outfit is simple but sultry. All you need is a one-piece jumpsuit in a solid color. Pair it with a sheer, loose coverup in a neutral color for an elegant look.

To finish off the look, find a wide-brimmed hat, big sunglasses, and some neutral slides or wedges.

High-waisted Bikini and Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top

For a playful, timeless look, try a bikini with high-waisted bottoms and an off-the-shoulder top in a matching color. This outfit adapts to both poolside lounging and sophisticated socializing without the need to change.

For accessories, layer up colorful bracelets and rings, a big woven tote bag, and comfortable strappy sandals.

Sporty Two-Piece with Athletic Shorts and Crop Tank

If you’re looking to create a sporty look, then this is the outfit for you. Pair a supportive two-piece swimsuit with athletic shorts and a cropped tank top. This look offers coverage and free movement, which is ideal for any poolside games.

Accessorize with a waterproof sports watch, an edgy baseball cap for sun protection, and sneakers for a relaxed vibe.

Boho-Inspired Maxi Dress with Bikini Underneath

For our free-spirited females, we recommend a light, flowing maxi dress with a colorful boho bikini underneath. This offers breathability and protects your legs from the sun’s rays.

Pair with a big floppy hat, beaded bracelets, anklets, and woven strappy sandals for an elegant, yet chill outfit.

Pool Party Outfits for Women (If Not Swimming)

If you don’t fancy a dip in the pool, then here are some other outfits to try:

Flowy Beach Sundress with Straw Hat and Sandals

Our first option is a loose sundress in a bright color or intriguing pattern. This outfit is chic, and comfortable, showcasing the care-free essence of summer.

Pair your sundress with a straw hat, oversized sunglasses, and tan sandals for a relaxed feel.

Off-the-shoulder Romper with Statement Earrings

For a modern, comfortable outfit, try an off-the-shoulder romper. This gives a feminine silhouette, whilst keeping you cool during the summer.

For accessories, pair with bright dangly earrings, a hat with colorful detailing, and some slides.

Crop Top and High-Waisted Shorts Ensemble

Next, you could try a stylish crop top with high-waisted shorts. The shorts will bring in the waist, while the crop top shows off the stomach to create an hourglass shape.

For footwear, we recommend sandals or wedges, a statement hat, and a lightweight kimono to add character and protect your shoulders from the sun.

Maxi Skirt and Tank Top with Beach Accessories

For a hippie-esc look, pair a maxi skirt with a matching tank top. This is a relaxed outfit that offers coverage, yet allows you to move freely by the pool.

For the finishing touches, add a shell necklace, lots of rings, a floppy hat, and some gladiator sandals. This look oozes femininity and free-spiritedness.

Pool Friendly Hairstyles

On a hot day, you want to keep your hair off your neck and shoulders. For this reason, high buns or ponytails are a feminine choice that also pulls the face back for a thinner look.

French braids or fishtail braids are a stylish way to protect your hair from chlorine and tangles. Also, if you wear braids and get your hair wet, when you undo them you’ll be left with beautiful mermaid curls.

Finally, head scarves or head wraps are a great way to add character and color to your look, whilst protecting your hair from the sun.

Pool Party Outfit Ideas for Men

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the men! Here are some stylish options for you too:

Patterned Swim Trunks with Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt

Our first outfit involves finding vibrant swim trunks that showcase your unique style. You could go for shorts in a bright color or bold print, or a neutral shade for a more effortless look.

Pair the shorts with a short-sleeve button-up shirt for a sophisticated feel. Complete the look with slides, stylish shades, and a waterproof watch.

Linen Shirt and Swim Trunks Combination

For a classy, yet laid-back look, pair a lightweight linen shirt with swim trunks. For a more relaxed appearance, you should opt for neutral tones.

Finish off the look with some flip-flops, a straw fedora hat, and aviator sunglasses.

Polo Shirt and Board Shorts Ensemble

Our next look is for anyone wanting a sporty outfit. You can achieve this by pairing a crisp polo shirt with stylish board shorts. This ensures comfort and free movement, which is perfect for poolside fun.

For accessories, try some sporty sneakers, a sports watch, and a baseball cap.

Tank Top with Denim Shorts and Slide Sandals

Our last look is a casual pairing of a tank top and denim shorts. This is a cool outfit for lounging by the pool and it’s the perfect blend of relaxed, yet put together.

To continue with the comfortable theme, pair with slides, a backward snapback hat, and an edgy leather bracelet for a touch of mystery!

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed finding some outfit inspiration for your next pool party! Don’t be afraid to try something new, whether it be bold colors, intriguing patterns, or a stylish head scarf. A pool party is the perfect chance to wear something you wouldn’t normally wear to a party, so have fun with it!

For more fashion tips and outfit inspiration, feel free to check out our other articles today!

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