What To Wear To a Luke Combs Concert in 2024? ( 10+ Real Life Outfit Ideas For Girls & Guys )

What to wear to a Luke Combs concert
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Luke Combs is quite a remarkable name in music. One of the main reasons for his success and fanbase is his talent and the innovative country music the artist creates. 

Whether you are attending his concert for the first time or are a fan from the start, his concert is packed with enthusiasm and fun with all the music, dancing, and festivals.

Even in this fun and chill environment, if the one thing tormenting you is the question of what to wear to a luke combs concert, then we are here to help you. 

The article contains guidelines, all the rules and suggestions you need to dress up perfectly for a Luke Combs concert.

So start reading and stop worrying!

In this article, we have gathered all the right options, ideas, accessories, and tips that will guide you in your journey to select the perfect outfit. 

So carry on reading and find your answer!

What to Wear to a Luke Combs Concert in Summer?

Summer, the official season for concerts and musical festivals, and the beauty of summer days filled with music are unmatched.

Luke Combs’ concert perfectly fits this beauty with those country songs.
If you are struggling to find an outfit for those hot days, we have some suggestions for you.

Continue reading and explore!

Outfit Suggestions for Girls

When getting ready for a Luke Combs concert, you probably have Beautiful Crazy playing in the back of your head and you are confused about the look you would go for. 

To ease your ailings, we have some outfits that will help you decide on a look or plan one on your own.

Going Western: Graphic T-shirt with Short

Simple attire is the best, especially for a concert where you must stand for long hours and dance. Not to forget that you are surrounded by hundreds of strangers. 

So, if you are planning to go comfortable or looking for a quick outfit that doesn’t require much time to assemble, we suggest you turn to the west. 

A simple western outfit with a graphic t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers is the best for these occasions. Honestly speaking, it is the one outfit that requires the least effort and still looks completely bomb.

Girls wearing graphic t shirts with shorts to a luke combs concert
Source: @shoplukecombs

Earthy Combinations: A Mahagony Skirt

No matter what concert or event you attend, a certain level of poise and elegance should be there in the outfit you pick. 

On sunny days nothing is more beautiful than some earthy tones. The warm tones compliment the warm weather. 

For this outfit, we heartily suggest that you wear a mahogany or maroon skirt, and to keep the look balanced, you can pair it with a white top. This look is ethereal, and the color combination will make you glow like the star you are.

Girl wearing a mahogany skirt with a white top and cowgirl boots to a luke combs concert
Source: @thismsitaly

Cutesy Yet wild: Cheetah Print Top

Concerts are all about going crazy with the tunes and screaming at the top of your lungs until you feel like you have no voice left. 

These wild things are what make a concert a truly magical experience. And now, when we are inspecting the wild side of things, it would only be fair to have some wilderness in our outfit as well. 

Wear a cheetah print top with blue jeans for that cute/wild aesthetic.

Source: @kyleigh_mahoney

Fit in the Country Vibe: Denim Romper

Luke Combs fans are country to the core. Accessories, shoes, and outfits all represent the great American spirit. 

To give that ideal cowgirl look, wear a denim romper. Yes, it is finally time to take out that romper you bought with so much love and were waiting for an opportunity to wear. This is your time to shine, girl. Wear that romper and have fun.

Source: @d_levy92

A Flowy Dress

Dresses are also a great option to consider. They might seem like a far-fetched idea, but if you choose the right ones, they help bring out the beautiful feminine side of your personality.

Pick lace, elegant florals, ruffled sundresses, or a white dress. Your best choice is also a maxi dress.

Our personal favorite includes a flowy, shirred cami dress with a floral print. It is an epic choice to give a divine look.

Girl wearing a shirred cami dress to a luke combs concert
Source: @purchasesonpoint

Denim All the Way: Denim Halter-neck Top

You can’t have a Luke Combs concert without seeing a denim fashion show. There is denim everywhere, and it is somewhat of a fan favorite. 

To match the cult and to fulfill your denim dreams, you should try going all denim by wearing a denim halter neck top with denim pants or shorts. 

You will look like a minion, but instead of stealing the moon, you will steal the show.

Girl wearing a halter neck denim top to a luke combs concert
Source: @_amyw.x

Bandana Crop-Top

The heat wave can sometimes be hard to handle, and we cannot let it take away our fashion sense. We have a suggestion that will make you look so hot that the sun would feel insecure. 

A bandana top with shorts or a mini skirt works like a charm on hot days. It is exciting and breezy and allows you to enjoy the show while enjoying yourself.

Girl wearing a bandana crop top with shorts to a luke combs concert
Source: @kkimberlycastillo

Cow Print Top

As we have come so far with the whole farm vibe and country aesthetic, it wouldn’t be wrong to take that idea to the next level. 

Animal prints are the heart of country concerts, and when it comes to Luke Combs, there is no denying that they are the primary choice. To give these prints a rather adorable turn, we have an idea. 

You can wear a cow print top with blue jean shorts and pair it with a cowboy hat to top it off. It is such a fun twist on things, and it is eye-catching as well. So, do give cow prints a chance.

Source: @taylor.leeee

Outfit Suggestions for Guys

When people hear about a Luke Combs concert, the first thing that comes to mind is cowboy hats and boots. Although these are legit favorites at a Luke Combs concert, it doesn’t mean that you have to restrict yourself to these options.

Below are some outfits you should try for a somewhat different and stylish look.

All Cowboy

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing an ocean of country-style outfits in a Luke Combs concert. It gives the impression that the fans understood the assignment and dressed according to the theme. 

If you are a die-hard Luke Combs fan, desperate to show his country spirit, we suggest you go all in with a denim jumpsuit to show the cowboy inside you. 

You can also opt for a boiler suit for that ultimate denim appearance.

Guy wearing a denim jumpsuit with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat to a luke combs concert
Source: @2platetom

Printed and Chic

A Luke Combs concert is about keeping it casual and classically styling your normal attire. Nothing is more classy than a printed button-up shirt. 

So, it is time to take out your bright and vibrant prints and style them with some nude-shade pants, and you are good to go.

Check Print

Check shirts are a great option if you are trying to avoid that over the upcountry vibe. If worn correctly, they are quite fashionable attire. 

Furthermore, you can pair up a check shirt with almost any pants, and it will look good. It can be worn on its own and also used as a top with your plain white t-shirts. The possibilities are endless.

Browns and Blues

Some color combinations are timeless. They bring out the spark of your personality beautifully. One of these combinations is blue and brown. 

We adore the contrast between the blue cardigan, matching waistcoat, and hat. The open shirt adds a casual touch, and the brown leather boots are stunning.

What to Wear to a Luke Combs Concert in Winter?

Luke Combs concerts are a great event, no matter what season it is. Winter concerts, although they seem hard to handle, can be fun if you are dressed right. 

As long as you have your ensemble layered with proper clothing, you don’t have to worry about the weather. We have some tips regarding the layering of your outfits. Following these tips, you look hot even in winter.


Winter is never the same without hoodies. This is one winter essential we always look forward to because of its comfort and versatility. 

You can wear your favorite hoodies to a Luke Combs concert. It can be styled either on top of your outfits. Or you can try wearing it underneath a denim jacket.

Linen Overcoat

Winter outfits rely completely on the art of layering and the right layering according to the weather. There can be days that are not as cold but still require you to wear outerwear.

So on slightly less chilly days, we suggest you layer with a linen overcoat to complete your outfit and add some style to it.

Knitted Sweaters

There are days when light outerwear would be able to save you from the cold, but there are also days when the temperature is more negative than your ex. No worries, we have got you covered.

On colder days, you can top your outfit with a woolen or knitted sweater to stay warm. An oversized sweater would be better to go for a clean and fashionable look.

What kind of Shoes to Wear to a Luke Combs Concert?

The boots are crucial. The boots are the most important factor of your ensemble when seeing Luke Combs perform. 

Make a statement with a pair of cowgirl boots in bold colors, or try a striking pattern with a Southwestern-inspired pair of cowgirl boots. 

Going to a nighttime Luke Combs concert? High heels cowgirl boots would be amazing, even better if studded. They make a statement when paired with flowy dresses, capris, or shorts and a dressier top for a country concert look.

The Accessories that You Should Keep in Mind

An outfit without accessories is like a salad without any dressing; it is just bland. Especially when planning a country-style outfit in which accessories define the outfit’s purpose. So, the following are two accessories that are a staple in a Luke Combs concert.


Hats are an essential part of western clothing. Wearing a hat to an outdoor concert is a great way to show off your sense of fashion and shield your face from the sun.

 If you want to look traditional, pair your cowboy boots with the traditional hat of the genre, the cowboy hat. Dance the night away while matching the color of your hat to the color of your shoes.


The country vibe is the main theme of a Luke Combs concert. This vibe is maintained by outfits and by accessories. One of the main accessories that make a country outfit is a belt. Belts with a brown band and shiny buckle can make your attire look complete.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these suggestions and rules have relieved your worries, and now you will be able to style your outfit for a Luke Combs concert. 

After all this, we would just like to say that a concert is a place to have fun and get high on music. So, focus on that, and all other things will fall into place on their own. Enjoy this time and make it memorable. Because we never know when the next pandemic will hit.

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