The Ultimate Guide on How to Hide Fupa in Jeans – Tips & Tricks (Spring 2024)

How to hide fupa in jeans
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Have you been trying to hide your FUPA? Then you’ve come to the right place! Many women find themselves trying to smooth down this area, but the wrong outfit choice can quickly draw unwanted attention. One clever way to disguise a FUPA is with a swish pair of jeans, however, not all jeans will do the trick!

In this article, the first in our series: How to Hide Fupas & Lower Belly Pooch, we’ll be giving you our nifty tips for how to hide FUPA in jeans with the perfect top!

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Sizing and Measurements: Unveiling the Tape Measure Wizardry

The first step to finding the most flattering jeans is to have your correct measurements. Sizing varies with each brand, so to truly know your size, we recommend measuring yourself at home. After a little time with the tape measure, you can ensure that any jeans you buy will fit your unique shape perfectly. Now we can move on to some styles!

Flattering Styles and Features

Now that we’ve explored measuring to find the right fit, it’s time to discuss the best styles and materials to keep your FUPA covered, yet chic!

High-rise Jeans: Rise to the Occasion, FUPA Style!

High-rise jeans are a fantastic way to cover your FUPA. This style of jeans will give you support and flatten the FUPA, whilst cinching the waist. High-rise jeans also eliminate any muffin top situations, leaving you with comfort and curves in all the right places.

Stretchy and Forgiving Fabrics: FUPA-Friendly Fabrics that Move with You

Try to find jeans made from stretchy fabrics such as elastane, spandex, or lycra, as these will smooth out your shape. Instead of suffocating and directing attention to the FUPA, these flexible materials will move with your body, allowing the area to breathe and sit more subtly. Furthermore, stretcher denim will contour your curves and slim down your silhouette as a whole.

Dark-colored Jeans: The Slimming Sorcery of Dark Hues

Pants in any color will always have a slimming effect, perfect for disguising the FUPA. Any jeans in a black, indigo, or charcoal gray shade will do the trick. Matching dark jeans with dark tops will create a unified ensemble that lengthens and thins the body.

Bootcut or Wide-leg jeans: Flowing Away from FUPA Focus

To add balance to your appearance, try some bootcut or wide-leg jeans. These styles will softly skim over the area without drawing attention to it. You should avoid skin-tight denim, as this will accentuate the FUPA and be uncomfortable throughout the day.

Bootcut and wide-leg jeans also create more volume in the legs and buttocks, creating an hourglass frame.

Camouflaging Techniques

Here are some additional camouflaging techniques to keep the FUPA carefully tucked away:

Layering with Longer Tops or Tunics: Let the Fabric Cascade Gracefully

  • The power of length: Try to find tunics that sit below the FUPA area, this will create a vertical line in your outfit, which streamlines the body
  • Flow and flourish: Find flowy, lightweight fabrics that wash over your shape without being too tight. This gives you comfort and space to move.

Tummy Control Panels or Shapewear: Smooth and Sculpt Your Way to FUPA Finesse

  • Supportive and stylish: Did you know there are jeans with built-in stomach control panels? You could also opt for shapewear or sculpting briefs that compress the FUPA.
  • Comfort is key: Feeling comfortable is the most important factor, so make sure you find shapewear that is breathable and forgiving.

Distraction with Accessories: Steal the Show and Shift the Focus

    • Statement pieces: Finding attention-grabbing necklaces, earrings, or bold lipstick will distract from the FUPA and add personality to your outfit.
    • Play with prints and patterns: You can enjoy mixing patterns and prints in your clothes and accessories to spice up your outfit and divert attention.
    Playful scarves: Simply having a colorful or patterned scarf will direct the eye to your neck area, and add dimension to your ensemble.

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Finding the Footwear

Shoes can change the shape of your body and are great distraction tools. To lengthen your lower half, try some nude heels, sandals, or ballet pumps to give the appearance of lovely, long legs.

For a casual affair, you could try platform sneakers to add height and volume to your legs. For a smarter look, try some ankle boots with a taller heel. Finally, for a date, we recommend some dark, strappy high heels for dimension and drama!

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning how to conceal that FUPA and look cute doing it. Here’s to rocking those jeans and empowering your beautiful body. Stay fabulous, fearless, and keep strutting your stuff with unwavering confidence.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post today! For more expert fashion advice and outfit inspiration, check out our range of articles today!

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