How to Dress Small Bust Big Tummy – Styles, Tips & Tricks (Spring 2024)

how to dress small bust big tummy
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Have you been having a hard time finding clothes for your small bust and big tummy? I was dealing with the same frustrations until I did my research and discovered the methods I use every day!

In this article, the third in our Styling to Suit Your Curves series, I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learnt about how to dress small bust and big tummy, so you can finally feel stylish in your own skin.

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Let’s start with a few styles you should avoid:

Avoid High-Necklines

Tops that feature a high neckline like turtlenecks or high-collared blouses will bring the eye upwards and can make the chest appear smaller. These styles can also emphasize your stomach which may be unflattering.

Avoid Tight-Fitting Tops & Crop Tops

Tight-fitting tops and crop tops will hug any bulges in the stomach and draw attention to a smaller bust. Finding loose, flowy tops that gracefully graze your curves will complement your figure. Looser tops are also far more comfortable!

Avoid Busy Patterns or Large Prints

Although it can be fun to make a pattern statement, wearing large, excessive patterns can clutter the chest area, visually shrinking it down. You can certainly wear patterns, but just try to find smaller prints or solid colors for a more flattering fit.

Styles that Work Well

Now that we’ve explored styles you should avoid, here are some of my favorite tops to complement a small bust and larger tummy:

V-neck Tops

V-neck tops are a gorgeous option since they elongate the neck and give the bust more volume. They also direct the eye away from the stomach and towards the collarbone, which is one of the most beautiful features of a woman.

When trying to find the perfect V-neck, choose tops with a wide and deep V-line. This will create an hourglass figure.

Wrap Tops

Since wrap tops cinch at the waist, they slim the waistline and create a gorgeous curvy figure. They can be comfortably adjusted to how snatched you would like your waist to look. Try to find a wrap top with a low neckline, as this will create the look of larger breasts.

Empire Waist Tops

Empire waist tops cleverly suck in the area just below the chest, before flaring out gently. This hides the tummy, brings in the waist, and makes the chest look bigger. Their flowy nature makes them comfortable for everyday use, but they can also be dressed up for a more glamorous affair!

Peplum Tops

Peplum tops will always work well for those with larger stomach areas, as they have a flared hem that sits just below the waist, disguising any bulges. This flare also adds width to your hips, giving you a heavenly hourglass shape.

Cowl Neck Tops

Cowl neck tops are a gorgeous go-to. Their swooping neckline creates a vertical line down your upper half, making you look more slender. The neckline also adds a fun texture to your outfit, and the circular shape makes the chest appear more full.

Tips for Choosing Bottoms

Let’s move on to the bottoms! Here are a few styles to embrace and avoid:

Styles to Avoid

Some bottoms can be less complementary to those with this shape. Here are a type of bottoms you can avoid:

Low-rise bottoms: Low-rise trousers highlight your stomach and give it more volume, creating the illusion of a bigger bulge.

Tight-fitting bottoms: Any tight jeans, leggings, or shorts can quickly accentuate any lumps which is not ideal! They’re also uncomfortable to wear throughout the day.

Styles that Work Well

Now we’ve covered the no-nos, here are some bottom styles that will work in your favor:

A-line skirts: A-line skirts fan out from the waist, creating wider hips, a flatter stomach, and a tiny waist. They also add a sophisticated, feminine flair to any look.

Bootcut or wide-leg pants: Wider or bootcut pants create more volume in the legs, making the stomach look smaller. Also, make sure you find wide pants that are high-waisted, as this will cinch the waist and create a balanced body.


Tips for Choosing Jewelry

Jewelry will bring character and shimmer to any look, so here are some tips to help it work to your advantage:

  • Avoid large statement necklaces because they can attract attention to your stomach. Instead, find dainty necklaces and earrings that add a touch of glamour without crowding the outfit.
  • Try layering a few necklaces, each with a different length. If you place one necklace at the neck, another at the bust, and one below, it will create the shape of a larger bust.

Tips for Choosing Bags

Did you know that bags can actually balance out your figure? Here are a few pointers:

  • Stay away from bulky bags, as they can make your stomach area look larger. You should try more delicate bags, as they will make you look more petite overall.
  • Crossbody bags will snatch the waist and make the breasts look more round. Or you could simply hold a clutch, as this won’t change the shape of your body at all.

Tips for Choosing Shoes

Finally, let’s discuss your footwear. Here is some advice:

  • Steer clear of ankle straps or any trainers that cover your ankles. They will shorten your limbs, throwing the body out of proportion. Instead, find pointed flats or low-rise boots for the look of longer legs.
  • Harsh colors can sometimes be unflattering. Try nude or neutral shoes will give the appearance of longer legs and a thinner body overall.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering the best ways to flatter your figure today. Don’t forget that the important part is that you find clothes and accessories that make you feel good about yourself. Getting pieces that help you embrace your body will boost your confidence and allow you to shine!

Thank you for taking the time to read our article today. For more fashion hacks and inspiration, please browse our other articles today!

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