How to Dress for Big Bust and Tummy in 2024 – ( A Complete Guide + Tips & Tricks )

How to dress for big bust and tummy
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Welcome to the final article in our series, Styling to Suit Your Curves.

We understand that dressing a larger bust and tummy can be a challenge. Standard sizing doesn’t cater to voluptuous women, so you can end up wasting money on uncomfortable, unflattering clothing. But, with our advice and a bit of creative magic, we’re here to help you dress your curves.

Today, we will cover everything you need to know about undergarments, tops, bottoms, and accessorizing, in this blog on how to dress for big bust and tummy, so you can strut in style this spring!

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Here are a few fashion tips to get you started:

Bras: Finding the Right Size and Style

Wearing the right bra is the foundation of any outfit. The simplest way to achieve this is to get a professional bra fitting. At a fitting, a specialist will measure you up and recommend the best measurements and styles for your unique body. Don’t forget that bra sizes vary across different shops, so avoid ordering online and try before you buy!

Bras to Embrace: Any bras with molded cups or padding will give you the best support and curves. You should also choose bras with underwriting as they will lift and center your chest.

Bras to Avoid: Stay away from thinner straps as they can dig into the skin and be uncomfortable during the day. Lastly, any balconette and push-up bras will give a spillage effect, unflattering to your shape.

Shapewear: The Tummy Tamer

Shapewear is the easiest way to flatten your stomach and complement your bust. Look out for high-waisted shapewear as this will create an hourglass figure. You should also choose styles with compression on the stomach, as this will eliminate any bulges. But don’t choose the tightest shapewear as this can accentuate the back and bust area.

For a less restricting option, you can try shapewear shorts/briefs that slim down the stomach. This is much comfier and more subtle than larger shapewear pieces.

Flattering Tops for Big Bust & Tummy

Let’s start with your upper half. Here are some of our favorite tops to flatter your figure:

Va-Va-V-Neck and Sassy Scoop: Creating Vertical Lines

The V-neck is a timeless style that lengthens the body, thinning it down. The downward shape of a V-neck also elegantly frames the bust, allowing it to shine. Many women would kill for a larger chest, so don’t be afraid of showing off your alluring curves!

Empire Waists and A-Line Magic: Camouflaging the Tummy

Tops with an empire waist or A-line shape are ideal for a larger bust and midsection. They both flatten and visually shrink the stomach, whilst showing off the bust in a sophisticated way. The material of empire waist tops and dresses is brought in just below the chest, bringing the eye upwards. They also flare out at the stomach, disguising your midsection.

Meanwhile, A-line tops gently flow over the tummy, concealing its shape. Their relaxed shape is comfortable to wear all day and it’s the perfect tool for creating a smoother silhouette. 

Flowy Tops and Loose-Fitting Blouses

Flowing tops and looser blouses are crafted from light, breathable materials that skim gracefully over your shape. This makes them comfortable to wear and their breezy shape will disguise any unwanted bulges

To highlight the bust area, find loose tops with extra detailing around the chest. This could be pleats, ruffles, extra layering, or essentially anything that provides a feminine frame for the ladies!

Bottoms for Balance and Proportion

Now that we’ve explored tops, let’s discuss the best bottoms for you!

1. Rise to the Occasion: Mid-Rise and High-Rise Waistbands

If you’re looking to slim down that stomach, look out for pants with a mid-rise or high-rise waistband. Anything high on the waist will cinch your shape, creating a smaller midsection and smoothing your tummy. This smaller waist will also accentuate your bust in a flattering way, creating an hourglass shape.

2. Flare and Flatter: Wide-Leg Pants and A-Line Skirts

Wide-leg pants and A-line skirts are two gorgeous go-tos. These styles will balance your figure by adding dimension to your lower half. Wide-leg pants will lengthen the legs, while A-line skirts smooth the hips and stomach, creating a sleek figure.

3. Slimming Sorcery: Dark-Colored Bottoms

Any bottoms in a darker wash will give the optical illusion of a thinner figure. So buying black, navy, or dark gray pants will slim your shape.

Darker tones will make the stomach appear smaller and give you a sleeker frame. And since darker pants are neutral, they will pair perfectly with any top!

Accessorizing Magic

Fashion isn’t simply about the clothes; you can use accessories to flatter your frame too! Here are some pro tips:

Bedazzle with Bling

A great way to distract from insecurities is to wear statement pieces. This could be a large, sparkly necklace, big hoop earrings, or perhaps colorful rings. Adding eye-catching jewelry is a great way to add character to your outfits and express your personality.

Waist-Cinching Wizardry

For that dreamy hourglass figure, try some waist-cinching belts. These will bring the waist in, creating alluring volume in the bust and behind. You can also find dresses and tops that already arrive with a built-in waistband, which creates a sophisticated look.

Vertical Enchantment

To slim down the silhouette, try to add vertical lines to your ensemble. These lines have the optical illusion of adding height, elongating the figure, and thinning your frame. To achieve this effect, simply find clothes with stripes, necklaces with vertical pendants, or long scarves.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget that the key to flattering your curves is to love them. Love the body you’re in and enjoy dressing it up. Fashion should be fun, so experiment with different styles and combinations to find what makes you feel fabulous!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post today. Don’t forget to check out the three other installments to our series Styling to Suit Your Curves!

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