What To Wear To a Journey Concert in 2024? ( 10+ Real Life Outfit Ideas For Girl & Guys )

What to wear to a journey concert
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A Journey Concert is the most exciting event anyone could attend. The music legacy they have created, and their mark on rock music is immense. Their fandom is no less a joke, either. 

Fans love to attend the band’s concerts, and that is why the tickets are always selling out. If you are one of those lucky persons who own this treasure (concert ticket) and are worried about an appropriately fitting outfit, we are here, my friend. 

Don’t Stop Believing because we have the answer to your question. 

Come along as we take you on a trip to fashion town!

What to Wear to a Journey Concert?

We have gathered some outfit recommendations fitting every style and personality. So, look no further if you are looking for apparel that will let your inner rockstar shine. Bridging the gap between comfort and style, we have listed suggestions inspired by fans and the band image so that you fit in perfectly. 

Hang around and find your ideal pick!

What to Wear to a Journey Concert in Summer?

A Journey Concert is sure to be the highlight of your summer. The beats, music and the whole rock-metal aura are a sure serotonin booster. 

Attending a Journey concert in the summers means that your outfit should be adapted to bear the heatwave on scorching days. Don’t worry, as we have some suggestions that are excellent for summer. 

Have a look and choose what you like the best!

Outfit Suggestions for Girls

Rock fashion is all about playing loose with the rules and letting your creativity take a toll on you. A Journey concert is more like a fashion show where people like to flex their styles. 

So, ladies, here are some ideas for you to have a wonderful time while looking like a wonder yourself.

Romantically Rock: A Long Sleeve Flared Top with Jeans

The Journey has been acknowledged as a band that has contributed so much to rock. They have broadened the concept of rock music by introducing new variants. Their fans exhibit the same spirit while dressing up for their concert. 

So, if you’re someone who also likes to have a little twist in their outfit, we recommend you add a little romance to this rock vibe and make it ethereal. 

A romantic long sleeve flared top with those fairy-like sleeves, combined with your favorite ripped jeans, is the best mix of rock and romance.

Ronda Burleson wearing a long sleeved flared top with ripped jeans and a hat at a journey concert
Source: @ronduh3

Fashion Icon: Off-shoulder Dress

A concert is not always all about music. We know it sounds weird, as we are talking about a music concert. But it is really about fitting in the whole environment and also standing out at the same time.

A fashionable idea we have for you is to wear an off-shoulder dress. This, paired with some silver metal accessories, will be perfect for creating a stunning look.

Source: @atlburbliving

Going All Black

There is nothing more appealing than black when it comes to Journey. It is a universal color that is perfect not only for the Journey concert but also for the rock genre itself.

If you want an outfit that captures the essence of a true rock fan, go all-black with your look. Instead of just going plainly with a black t-shirt, you can go with a wrap-style blouse with ruffle sleeves.

Pair it with your suede leather jeans or your most black pair of jeans. For a little twist, add a shiny belt to make your outfit shine.

Tosha Green wearing a wrap style blouse with ruflle sleeves to a journey concert
Source: @mgt_ranch

Gothic Rock: Cut Out Halter Neck Jumpsuit

For some people, a Journey concert is an opportunity to flee away from the daily struggles of life and bang their heads to the beats until they get a headache. If you are someone who likes to kill people with their looks, we have a deadly idea for you.

To represent that ultimate rock gothic moment wear your blackest cut out halter neck jumpsuit. Take this gothic attire to another level by wearing black lipstick, and you are ready to rock.

Source: @mrs.harlani

Comforting Contrasts: White V-Neck Top with Black Jeans

The best outfit is the most comfortable one. An outfit that helps you focus on the event and lets you dance with the rhythm of the beats without any worries. 

When picking apparel for a concert, your top priority should be comfort. People’s opinions and criticism can wait. We have a suggestion that is easy on you and pleasing to the eyes. 

We all know that contrasting colors appeal to the eyes, and there is no contrast that is prettier than black and white. A linen white v-neck top with black tights is a deal breaker.

Stylist MOm wearing a white v neck top with black jeans to a journey concert
Source: @stylist_mom

A Touch of Gold: A Golden Shimmery Top

You cannot skip on glam when planning a Journey concert outfit. The band’s style includes metal and glam, a hint of gold or silver that makes the whole outfit glow. 

Trust us; nothing speaks glamor more than gold. It’s time to take out your shimmery and shiny gold tops and expensive jeans. And voila, you have created a look that makes you glow greater than the Gods.

White-Frill Shirt

A little creativity in your style is always welcomed, especially at a Journey concert where the whole point is representing your personality. 

You can add an element of fun to your outfit by wearing a frilled shirt. Your outfit will move along as you dance and will look fascinating.

Source: @darylannwhite

Easy and Breezy: A Breezy Orange Crop-Top

There is nothing better than attending a Journey concert on a summer’s day. To represent that rock summer-girl spirit, we suggest you be a little bright with your outfit. 

An orange breezy crop top paired with jeans and heavy Doc Martens is all you need to steal the show.

Outfit Suggestions for Guys

Journey has been a rock sensation since the 80s. Their concert is a soul-shaking and mesmerizing night for all rock lovers. Concert attire is crucial if you want to truly immerse yourself in the spirit and life of the event and take in every note that is played.

Rock fashion is constantly changing, but we have selected some timeless outfits. Have a look and style yourself to perfection!

Flannel Overshirts

Flannel prints are so underrated when it comes to fashion. They are classy, chic, and versatile. In particular, a flannel overshirt is universal for rock concerts. It looks nice, like a modernized, contemporary staple.

A red and black flannel print over a graphic black t-shirt and jeans is a classic concert look. The flannel overshirt fits the vintage concert look.

The flannel overshirt is an all-time favorite, but the black t-shirt is a modern touch in this look. This look makes you appear like a true rock fan and blends in with the crowd.

Stunning and Chic: Stoned Wash Jacket

If your heart is stuck on a black look and you want to add something modern to it, we have a suggestion for you.

You already look good in your casual black attire, so all you need to complete the look is a sleeveless stonewashed denim jacket, a neckband, and a dark hat for the nighttime rock festival.

A Little Vintage: Printed Tucked-in Shirt

Journey has been a music sensation since the 80s. It only seems fair if you pay a little homage to the band through an outfit inspired by that time’s look.

It is the perfect time to show them off if you have long hair. With your long hair slicked backwards, pop on your vintage sunglasses and take your printed button-up shirt. Tuck the shirt into your white pants, and you are ready to give a competition to Harry Styles. A fashion competition, not a musical one.

Sleeveless White Tee

If you have tattoos to show, go with a sleeveless white t-shirt. This is a perfect option for giving a dope and metal look. It is also a convenient option for summer concerts when the heat is too much to handle. Pair this with ripped jeans and sunglasses to give an edge to your outfit.

What to Wear to a Journey Concert in Winter?

It can sometimes get tough to decide on a winter outfit for Journey concert. As winters are all about covering up and staying cozy, and concerts require you to give all you have. We have concluded that winter apparel depends on the art of layering. 

So, we have gathered some layerings and overlays that will not only provide you warmth on cold days but also make you look amazing at the same time. 

Continue reading and pick a favorite!

Leather Jackets

Nothing speaks of rock more than leather jackets. They are unisex and also universal when it comes to a journey concert.

So, if you have a leather jacket, it is the perfect opportunity to style it with your concert outfit to give it a rockstar look and stay warm at the same time.


For that ultimate edgy rock look, you can always turn to denim. Whether denim jeans or denim jackets, it fits right with all colors and makes your outfit vibrant.

Leopard Prints

Looking for a more distinctive appearance that will draw attention while remaining elegant? You might like this look. You can wear a matching two-piece leopard blazer and pants to give that wild look.

Final Thoughts

We hope these ideas and recommendations have helped you style an outfit for the upcoming Journey concert.

At last, we would like to advise you to stay hydrated, have fun and enjoy the concert. Focus on the people you are with, the band playing and creating memories of those moments.

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