What To Wear To a Grateful Dead Concert? ( 15+ Outfits & Accessories Ideas )

What to wear to a grateful dead concert
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As the touring dates have been announced and the tickets are close to being sold out, Grateful Dead marks another year of legacy with their amazing tunes and revolutionary music.

Since you are here, surely, you have got your ticket in your hand, and excitement levels have taken over you completely.

The joy of seeing such a legendary band perform is truly unmatched and being a Deadhead is equally fun. But after all the happy thoughts you are left with a selection of an outfit that makes you look like a Deadhead as well.

 I Know You Rider, you are in a hurry but stay for a little while and have a look at the recommendations that we have picked out for you.

The following article has some great outfit suggestions and ideas for a Grateful Dead concert that will surely get your rave spirit going.

Read on till the end to explore all the possibilities!

What to Wear to a Grateful Dead Concert in Summer?

Attending a concert is one of life’s best experiences and the excitement is, even more, when it’s a Grateful Dead summer concert. We’re here to give you just the perfect amount of inspiration to make sure your outfits are on point before the warmer-weather concert scene gets going.

Outfit Suggestions for Women:

Below we have gathered the trendiest outfits for women that completely go with the vibe of Grateful Dead to make your decision easy. Read and explore!

An Easy Breezy Outfit: A Flowy Blouse with Jean Shorts

Summertime concerts are all about losing yourself in the music and letting the spirit of melody take over your soul. Nothing really boosts your serotonin levels like dancing carefree at a music festival. Especially a Grateful Dead concert, when all you have to do is let go and enjoy.

The outfit that goes perfectly with this idea is a combination of a flowy v-neck blouse paired with some ripped jean shorts. It represents the concert vibe and you probably have both these pieces lying around in your cupboard.

Dress Like a Feminine Beauty: High-Waisted Hem Skirt with Striped Crop Top

Any event is an opportunity to dress up and discover new styles and what better even to practice than a concert? So let’s give this feminine blend a try. Pair up any of your striped crop-top with a fitted hem skirt and you are ready to slay with your looks.

The best thing about this combo is that it gives the perfect level of structure and yet a graceful looseness to your look. Trust us this is one of the places where contrasting ideas create a charm no one can deny.

A Merge of Style: Band’s T-shirt with a Floral Skirt

Style is subjective. It is a representation of our personality and honestly, no one has only one. Yes, we are talking about personalities. If you are looking for an idea that appeals to both of your personalities, we have a suggestion just for you.

Surely, you have bought the band’s concert tickets by now. You are clearly a fan and there must be a T-shirt with Grateful Dead’s logo hidden in your closet.

Take that poor thing out from the piles of unassorted clothing along with your favorite floral skirt. This will result in an outfit that suits both your dark and bright personality. This might sound odd, but you have to be odd to be number one.

A Flamboyant T-Shirt Maxi

Grateful Dead is all about spirituality and self-exploration. The band associates itself with a lot of vibrant and eye-catching colors to represent the colors of the human soul.

This whole psychic concept is quite visible in their concerts. There are rows of people wearing dazzling and flashy clothes.

You can keep up with this bombastic energy by wearing a colorful t-shirt maxi. It is such a simple yet important essential when it comes to psychic bands.

The best thing about it is the comfort it provides. If you are going to be on your feet for a very long time you should go with an outfit that is comfortable for you.

Patterned Pants that Steal the Show

Deadheads have a crazy connection with patterns. Whether it’s in their clothes or any other accessories a true Grateful Dead fan has some kind of pattern in their outfits. It is what makes this fandom truly unique.

To represent your inner Deadhead you can wear your most bright and flashy patterned pants. Pair these iconic pants with any of your plain flare-top. The contrast in designs will surely drive attention to your look.

If you have any crazy pants or patterned trousers lying around in your closet, a Grateful Dead concert is the best place to show them off.

Outfit Suggestions for Men

Fashion and style are irrespective of gender. Everyone should have the freedom to dress and represent their individuality. We have gathered some cool and classic outfit recommendations for men as well. Because why should girls have all the fun?

Continue reading and enjoy.

Getting High on Tie and Dye

One of the staples that you can always spot in a Grateful Dead concert is the Tie and Dye shirts. Every other person is wearing this design. Obviously because of its simplicity and also because of the rich colors.

So, it is the best time to take out your tie-and-dye t-shirts, tops, or anything with this design. Pair it with your favorite jeans and you are ready to attend a Grateful Dead concert.

Leopard Printed Shirt

Experimenting with your style is also something you should give a try. Stepping out of your comfort zone and going a little can help you discover more styles and fashion domains.

A leopard-printed shirt worn over a plain white t-shirt is a classic. This brings out a little wild side of your style and is also very Gucci.

Go wild and enjoy the show.

Graphic Shirt with Shorts

There is no other place that welcomes patterns more than a Grateful Dead concert. These designs go with the band’s aesthetic and also are a great choice to wear in summer.

Any over-the-top shirt with amazing blinding colors is the best choice to wear. Pair this up with your shorts for that comfy and classy look and you are ready to rock.

Some Check with Tropics

Nothing speaks of summer more than floral or tropical designs. It is a fairly undermined summer classic and we think it should be given its due place.

Pair up your favorite tropical shirt with some overlying simple check shirt, simple yet chic. Wear this combination and leave people in wonder. The good kind of course.

What to Wear to a Grateful Dead Concert in Winter?

Most concerts and music festivals fall in summer but the possibility of winter concerts is still a lot. If you are a ticket holder of a Grateful Dead concert and wondering what would be a weather-friendly yet cool outfit, we have got you covered.

We have gathered some outfit suggestions that are perfect for a chilly concert. Read on and see what you like the best.

Outfit Suggestions For Women

The ideas below are selected keeping in mind the latest trends and fashion standards. So, keep on reading!

Layers Can Never Go Wrong

Layers are a girl’s best friend in the winter, especially if you’re going to a winter concert where you might be both inside with heaters on and outside in the cold.

Layering your clothing will help you put together an outfit for the concert. Try pairing your favorite t-shirt or top with jeans, then add a light to medium-weight sweater on top of that, finishing the look with a coat or jacket.

The shirt style can vary from a simple t-shirt with the band’s logo on it to a flashy one. Any type of concert is appropriate for wearing jeans because they can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear them with.

Brown Jacket to Keep the Aesthetic

Winters are all about the aesthetic looks and winter outfits do carry a charm with them. Nothing beats the beauty of a nice brown jacket paired with a simple black tee and jeans.

This jacket gives you room to stay simple or go crazy because it complements all the styles. So, if you doubt your outfit combo try layering a brown jacket on top. It will surely make your outfit go from crap to fab in no time.

Fitted Blazer

Talking about winter aesthetics we surely cannot forget fitted blazers and coats. They have been the winter fashion essentials since forever and still continue to steal the show.

So, take out your forgotten fitted blazer because it is that blazer’s day to shine. Wear your blazer with wide-leg pants and you are good to go.

Denim Look

Want to keep up with the rock band vibes? Denim is the way to go. A monotone denim look is a crowd pleaser in every way. If you want to go with the ultimate denim look wear your favorite black tee, the one you wear every other day because why not.

Pair it with a Denim jacket, better if a little ripped, and denim shorts. Complete the look with a pair of Denim leggings and you have created a masterpiece.

Jumper for Comfort

No Grateful Dead Concert is ever complete without a jumper. You can always spot someone wearing one. Jumpers prove to be the ultimate comfort outfit with all the pockets and flexibility.

But honestly, we can never have too many pockets. Bring out your jumpers and wear them over your woolen sweaters. Yes, it is that simple to look beautiful with jumpers.

Outfit Suggestions for Men

Winters are for men as well and when everyone thinks that men don’t care what they look like, some men have common sense. So, for all the sensible men, we have gathered some winter styles for you to try at the Grateful Dead concert.

Statement Trousers

Patterns are unisex and especially essential for a concert like Grateful Dead, they are like a golden pass. It is time to let your colorful personality shine with some colorful looks.

Vibrant t-shirts are normal but if you want to turn some heads around try wearing some colorful trousers. They can be printed, patterned, striped, or any other design. As long as you wear them with a simple shirt and sweater they will work like magic.

Reversing the Style

Anyone can pull out a stylish look, but it takes guts to wear something controversial that works well together. For that psychotic little mind of yours, we have a suggestion.

Any sweater of your choice, anything you find comfortable. Better if it is a plain white sweater of a high-neck worn under a Grateful Dead T-shirt.

This look will leave some people amazed, some shocked, and some in despair that why didn’t they think of it?

Accessories to Complete the Look

Every outfit relies on minor details that make it stand out or make it fall completely. Detail is surely the Devil and when it comes to outfits like these accessories are essential. We have listed some accessories that are inspired by Grateful Dead’s image.


Since we all are aware of Deadhead’s obsession with colors, bandanas are their top priority. Men, women, old people, and youngsters are seen wearing these colored pieces of fabric tied up on their heads.

 It is an old-school rock item that has stood the test of time. So, if you have any confusion about what kind of accessory to go for, chose a bandana

Hats and Caps

Hats are one of those accessories which either you hate or you are obsessed with. And we love them because of their versatile nature and practicality.

They come in really handy for summer concerts when you are required to stand in the scorching heat. So, avoid sun damage and save yourself the hustle of squinting your eyes to see everything. Wear your favorite hat and have fun.


Are you a maniac when it comes to pins and badges? So, are we. Those tiny little metal pieces, whether they have an embroidered design or a printed one, are surely serotonin boosters.

If you are wearing a denim jacket or any kind of jacket pin on as many badges as you can. You can put them in odd numbers on your jeans or place them on the backpack you are carrying. They will pass the artistic, edgy psychic vibes in the right way.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the suggestions mentioned above have aided you and made your decision easier. Clothing is all about representing your style and there is no single style that suits all.

So, wear something you feel confident and comfortable in. Don’t worry about what others have to say. Let those hate comments die under the heavy melodies of rock music.

Let your personality shine. Wear what you like, dance on and have the best time of your life.

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