What To Wear To a Dave Matthews Band Concert in 2024? ( Real Life Outfits + Accessories & Tips )

What to wear to a dave matthews band concert
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The tour dates have been announced, and Dave Matthews Band will be playing near you before you know it. They are a well known rock name, and their fans never miss any opportunity to listen to their music. 

The DMB family is relatively large, and you are probably a member of it too or maybe about to become a member soon. Whichever the case is, you have a sick concert to attend, and you should look fabulous no matter what. 

So, if you are wondering what to wear to a Dave Matthews Band concert, wonder no more, as we have some outfit ideas that will blow your minds. In a good way. 

Stick around till the end to find your pick and get some bonus tips as well!

We have collected all the good ideas and outfits for you to try and slay. These ideas have been inspired by fans, the band’s image, and also by its music. 

We have also mentioned some bonus tips to set you all ready to party.

So start reading and exploring!

What to Wear to a Dave Matthews Band Concert in Summer?

Summer is the official season for crazy music festivals and events. It is always filled with fun and music. And how can we talk about fun without talking about a DMB concert? 

So, if you are wondering how to dress up this summer to attend a Dave Matthews Band concert, we have got you covered with some great outfit suggestions and ideas. 

Read on and discover!

Outfit Suggestions for Girls

Fashion preferences vary from person to person. One style can never suit all. Similarly, one approach cannot satisfy all. That is why we have divided this section into categories that might suit everyone. 

So, ladies, browse through and find an outfit that suits your style and your fashion sense.

Divine Feminine

Among all the casual and usual rock outfits, there is a need to bring out the feminine side, but some ladies prefer to look cute, so cuteness is what they shall get. Here are some ideas to wear if you are going for a feminine approach to a Dave Mathews Band Concert.

Loose Dress

We all want to dance freely and enjoy the event to the best of our abilities. Enjoyment depends on many factors, and majorly it depends on your outfit. 

The more comfortable your outfit, the more fun. For that purpose, we suggest you wear a long loose dress or a maxi dress. They are light and airy and best for summer.

Girl wearing a loose long dress for dave matthews band concert
Source: @badasshikingbabe
Summer Flare

Colors and brightness are what we all love about summer. So, to look cute and beautiful, we suggest you wear a flared mini-dress. 

You can opt for something printed, like any floral print, to take the beauty element up a notch. This is the best time to bring your polka-dot dresses out and put them to some good use.

Girl wearing a polka dot mini dress at a dave matthews band concert
Source: @twosteph41

Exotic and Rock

Dressing safely is good but choosing a thrilling outfit is not for everyone. So, if you like taking a little risk and letting your wild side shine, you are at the right place. Here are some exotic yet comfortable outfit ideas you can try at the next DMB concert.

Leopard Print

We all have a love for animal prints that we simply can’t deny. So, to curb that love and as an excuse to wear animal prints, we have an idea for you. 

Wear a backless leopard print top with white shorts. This is an ethereal combination that suits almost everyone.

Girl wearing a backless leopard print top with leather pants
Source: @adriannacosta
Crochet Bikini Top

There are no limits to style and fashion in a DMB concert. If you can’t go a little bold, then what is the point of going at all?

That is why we suggest you wear a bikini top. Both to combat the heat and also to look hot off course. A crochet bikini top would bring the element of cuteness along with hotness.

Girl wearing a crochet bikini top with ripped jeans and a hat at a dave matthews band concert
Source: @heyimdanray

Hardcore Rock

Some people love music more than anything else, and we love them for that. Here are some outfits for all those dedicated rock fans going to the next Dave Matthews Band concert that will make you look like a true fan.

Black Summer

Black and rock concerts complement each other like nobody’s business. It is safe and also the right choice to opt for black as the color of your outfit. 

It makes you look snatched and is an excellent option for indoor and outdoor concerts. For an easy all-black look, you can wear a black off shoulder crop top with black shorts and black boots.

Girl wearing an off shoulder black top with black jean shorts at a dave matthews band concert
Source; @brookehedman
Rock all the way

If you plan to let your rock freak out at this Dave Mathews band concert, this suggestion is just for you. 

Wear a black or plain crop top with a leather jacket with many motifs, and pair it with jean shorts and boots. You will slay with this rock aesthetic if you also add some silver jewelry.

Girl wearing a denim jacket with shorts and black boots
Source; @monicadogra

Outfit Suggestions for Guys

We know you are a die-hard Dave Matthews Band fan and have waited a lot for their show. As the time is near, we have selected some outfit ideas for you to try on your next concert. 

Have a look and select what you like most!

DMB Jersey

If you are a hardcore Dave Mathews Band fan and want to show it, then it is time to wear that band jersey with pride. At the concert, you can spot many people wearing a plain jersey with the title “DMB” printed on the back. 

If you are not a fan of jerseys, you can also opt for a band t-shirt and pair it with some nice jeans to steal the show.

College Hipster

To visit the past and revive your college days, you can go all hipster with your look. Go by wearing chino shorts and a t-shirt with sneakers or any of your favorite boots.


There are no limits to fashion when discussing a Dave Matthews Band Concert. So, if you want to look like a gentleman and put it together, we suggest you give the gray color a chance. 

When the situation permits casual dressing, wear a gray half sleeve t-shirt with gray jeans. Gray athletic shoes are a surefire way to bring an element of stylish effortlessness to your look.

What to Wear to a Dave Matthews Band Concert in Winter?

Concerts and weather are unpredictable at times. You never know when your favorite band will perform near you. Although winter apparel can sound daunting, we have some suggestions that will make you look dashing even in winter.

Here are some layering suggestions to try with your winter outfits to look bomb at a DMB concert.

Leather Jacket and Jeans

We can’t think about a DMB concert without mentioning the importance of a leather jacket. They are perfect winter attire both because of their style and practicality.

They are tied well around your waist and shoulders providing you with the best figure and protection against the heat wave. A light jacket, like a bomber or jean jacket, can be layered up and down.

Even though pants are the preferred winter clothing item, the best type of pants to wear when fighting the wind is jeans. You will be better protected from the harsh weather if you wear tights.

Ultimate Winter Outfit

Try a pair of jeans or corduroys paired with a cute top and cardigan for a more casual winter concert outfit. Add a scarf and boots to complete the look.

Dressing in layers is essential to keep yourself warm and comfortable. The proper layering is vital, so you focus more on having fun and enjoying the music rather than the cold.

Essentials that You Might Need

After tackling your outfit, the one that remains is packing your essentials. These might look like everyday things, but taking care of these small steps can help you in the long run.

Here we have listed some things you should consider while preparing to leave for a Dave Matthews Band Concert.

Fanny Pack

Don’t like carrying a large backpack to a music concert? Even though we fully understand, you’ll still need a place to store your belongings. Fortunately, fanny packs are once again in style because of music events.

All that matters is how big of a bag you require and what you intend to pack inside. In our opinion, a good-sized bag will be helpful as you never know what you’ll need to store.


You can’t attend a music festival without a comfortable pair of sunglasses! They will save your life if you have sensitive eyes or don’t like being in the sun. Given how bright the mainstage is and how intense the light shows are at Dave Matthews Band concerts, you might even find some use for these at night.

You can find some really cheap and reasonably priced pairs that will work just fine online. It’s a common item to lose, so we’d advise leaving the designer glasses at home while attending music festivals!

Comfortable Shoes

An essential accessory that you should select carefully is your shoes. You would be standing and dancing all day long, so your feet should be safe and comfortable.

You obviously wouldn’t want strangers to step on your toes, so it is good to avoid sandals. Sneakers, Converses, and Boots like Dr Martens are the best options for any concert. 

Avoid wearing heels and dance the night away.

Power Bank

You would be using your phone a lot. Usually, to take photos, make videos, and contact your friends, so you need a power bank. They are small and portable; you can fit them anywhere, even in your pockets.

Final Thoughts

We hope these suggestions have helped you in your search and answered all your questions about outfit selection for a Dave Matthews Band concert. 

At last, we would say focus more on making memories and enjoying and worry less about other things. Stay hydrated, eat well, dance like crazy, and slay with your looks.

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