How to Hide Cellulite in a Bathing Suit – Easy Solutions & Tips (Spring 2024)

how to hide cellulite in a bathing suit
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Have you been worrying about how to hide cellulite in a bathing suit? Then worry no more!

Having cellulite is natural and it’s no reason to hide your skin. You’ll be pleased to know there are many ways around the issue, such as lifestyle changes, swimsuit style and color, and even cellulite creams.

In this article, the second in our series Tips & Tricks for Hiding Cellulite, we will share our expert tips, so that you can show off that gorgeous body in a bathing suit!

Cellulite is a common concern that affects most people. It’s normal, natural, and nothing to be ashamed of. Let’s start by discussing the three main causes of cellulite:


Your genetics are a huge factor when it comes to getting cellulite. If your parents or grandparents deal with cellulite, then you are more likely to have it. This is because cellulite is a result of how fat is distributed within the body, and this is mainly down to genetics.


Hormones like estrogen and progesterone can contribute to cellulite. These hormones can weaken the tissue around fat cells, which causes the fat to create dimples on the skin.

Lifestyle Factors

While genetics and hormones can’t be helped, certain lifestyle choices can lead to getting cellulite. Poor diet, minimal exercise, smoking, and other drugs can all cause cellulite. A diet filled with processed food, salt, and sugar can show in skin dimples.

Not getting enough exercise can result in poor circulation and weakening of the tissues around fat cells. This in turn makes cellulite more noticeable. Switching to a low sodium, low sugar diet and quitting smoking can dramatically improve the skin’s texture, plus it’s better for your overall health!

How To Hide Cellulite In A Bathing Suit?

Choose the Right Bathing Suit Style

Start by finding bathing suits that feature ruching or other details that will disguise dimples. It’s important to avoid thin, flimsy bathing suits as they won’t cover cellulite properly. Instead opt for thicker, high-quality materials that compress the skin.

Also, you could wear a bikini/tankini with high-waisted bottoms to cover and smooth down any cellulite on the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Finally, longer swimming shorts are another fantastic way to keep the skin dimple-free!

Wear a Sarong or Cover-Up

Wearing a sarong or cover-up is an easy way to hide cellulite. Not only do they cover up any lumps and bumps, but they tie at the waist to give an hourglass figure.

If you want to show off those legs, you can try a shorter style, or if you’re trying to disguise the thighs, a longer length might suit. A sarong is a classy accessory that will always add a touch of class to your swimwear.

Opt For A Dark-Colored Suit

Wearing a dark swimsuit can work wonders when hiding cellulite. Colors like black, indigo, or dark green have a slimming effect.

This is because darker colors absorb light, which provides a shadow that camouflages any skin concerns. Lighter colors, however, will reflect the light and accentuate cellulite. Darker colors will always give your body a smoother, thinner look.

Use Cellulite Creams

There is a wide range of cellulite creams that are designed to improve skin dimples. Try to find a cream that contains caffeine or retinol, since these ingredients can improve texture and circulation.

Applying one of these creams before your swimming trip or holiday will improve your cellulite and give you a confidence boost!

Additional Advice

  • Don’t forget that cellulite is super common, and affects most people, regardless of their size or lifestyle choices. It’s nothing to feel embarrassed about and people probably don’t even notice it! Everyone is too busy enjoying their holiday or swimming session to judge you. Don’t let cellulite consume you, instead, try to relax and have a carefree attitude. Confidence will distract anyone from your insecurities.
  • Skin concerns should never stop you from enjoying swimming or beach holidays. You just need to find the right tools; a high-coverage bathing suit, wear a cover-up, and find a cellulite cream that works for you. You deserve a fun summer just like everyone else!

Final Thoughts

We hope this advice has equipped you with the tools and confidence to feel beautiful in that swimsuit. Don’t forget that the most important factor is whether you feel comfortable. Feeling gorgeous in your own skin will allow you to wear any bathing suit with confidence!

Thank you for taking the time to read our article today. For more advice on tackling cellulite, check out the other installments of our Tips & Tricks for Hiding Cellulite. Happy styling!

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